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09-08-2010, 01:50 PM
After reading the rave reviews on the NT05R tire across easily 2 dozen car forums, I decided to go with a set of these in my last tire replacement. They got their first track time in Sturgis this past weekend.

With all the reports of 1.6, 1.5 and even a couple of 1.48 60 foot times, I was expecting at least consistent 1.8s (which I was getting with the Nitto 555Rs last time I was at the track). Not to be.

At 27psi (street pressure) launch at 4000 - up in smoke 2.35 60 foot
27psi launch at 2500 - BOG, 2.34 60 foot
19psi launch at 3000 - decent lite spin off the line, 2.0 60 foot
17 psi launch at 2800 - BOG, 2.0 60 foot
17 psi launch at 3500 - SPIN LOTS, 2.0 60 foot
15 psi launch at 3000 - good hook, 1.9 60 foot

All were obtained using a full 5 to 7 second 2nd gear burn-out (at 4000-4500 rpm), and then feathering the clutch to protect the IRS until you felt them grab, then going flat out.

Maybe it was the track, Sturgis is known to be slick as hell, so we'll see. Heard nearly everyone talking about how they were spinning off the line... so I dunno.

Guess I need to get to Rock Falls yet this year and see if it was driver/mechanical/ or tire.

On the road, the NT05R are a GREAT tire, you can pretty much launch the car on the street at almost any RPM (well up to 4000) and they will bite hard after a short spin. Even driving out to Sturgis in the rain, they held the road very well... only exhibiting their true "dangerous nature" when you put them over even the smallest amount of standing water and they became GREASY to the point you were just sliding down the road. The same is true if you put even a small amount of sand or debris under the tire... accidentally "drifting" around the mountains around Rushmore was let's just say... interesting.

I would HIGHLY recommend these tires to weekend warriors, or as a stand alone set of race track only drag radials.
But as a daily driver... stick with the 555Rs. (Or reportedly the NT05 non-R model is supposed to be just as good).


09-08-2010, 03:20 PM
Guess I need to get to Rock Falls yet this year and see if it was driver/mechanical/ or tire.


Now your talking! Let's hit the track at the end of this month.:3gears:

09-08-2010, 06:48 PM
sounds like fun, i get tuned the 18th :):eek2: