2003 SVT Cobra Terminator - blown head gasket
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Thread: 2003 SVT Cobra Terminator - blown head gasket

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    2003 SVT Cobra Terminator - blown head gasket

    I am selling this for a friend who doesn't know as much about cars as I do. The story is that the car overheated earlier this year & has now it has no compression, my guess is due to a blown headgasket (I haven't checked compression yet but pretty sure it has spark & fuel). I'm not sure whether the fans stopped working or the water pump failed initially. (I would recommend a water pump replacement when the motor is rebuilt anyways)

    The owner had the car for quite some time and rarely drove it. A few years ago he had badly scraped the bumper on a a high curb at his house and decided he was tired of scraping his bumper so he had the entire car professionally repainted and redid the curb at his house. The car was repainted at Apple Valley Ford's body shop and it is a very nice job. Approximately 8,000 miles driven with the new paint job. It currently has a clear film bra over the front. The body is very clean but does have a couple of small dings and rock chips from normal driving.

    Other minor issues:
    The car does seem to seep fluid from the rear axle housing. My assumption is a gasket replacement is needed.
    The rear center brake light housing is broken, doesn't affect function (very common - see picture).
    Needs a new belt for the front supercharger/accessories.

    Specs & mods:
    2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
    Sonic Blue
    101k miles
    2 sets of keys & fobs
    Owner's manual
    Body color painted mirror sills & mirrors
    Tinted windows (unsure of percentage)
    Cobra grille emblem
    Chrome FR500 wheels with 315/35/zr17 Nitto NT05 rear tires and 275/40/zr17 Nitto NT05 front tires
    2.8" supercharger pulley
    JLT fenderwell cold air intake
    Aftermarket heat exchanger (unsure which one)
    MAC Offroad Prochamber
    MAC 3" catback (loud & mean sounding)
    Front detachable license plate holder
    Possibly more I haven't seen or know about yet.

    Spare parts to be sold with the car:
    Stock supercharger in good shape (presumably was to be sent out for porting while the car was still being used)
    2 Stock chrome wheels with Riken Raptor 275/40/zr17 tires in good shape
    2 stock chrome wheels (no tires mounted)
    2 Nitto 555R's (very worn)
    A spare set of headlights
    Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump (boosts fuel pump output)
    Stock supercharger pulley
    Diablosport MAFIA (Mass Air extender)
    SCT tuner (tune installed in car)
    SLP Line Lock kit
    Spare K&N air filters (varying sizes)
    MAF adapter to larger filter
    idle air control valve
    Stock Boost Bypass valve
    K&N Recharge kit
    Rear differential "dogbone" weights
    Urethane spring kit

    All in all this is a good example of a 2003 Cobra with a clean title, beautiful paint job and great interior. If it were my car I would pull the motor out, either build a forged stroker motor for more boost or save the money and rebuild to stock config and just enjoy the car for what it is. Asking $16,000 or make offer. Delivery can possibly be arranged, I have a truck & trailer.

    Pics located on CL:

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