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    I agree with rod. But would be happy with 10.5 with mph 135 or lower. Yes the challager was fast but the four door heavy duty Dodge pickup truck running 11.95 was far more impressive!
    Man that thing had to be running 40+ pounds of boost.O
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    At 10.99 you're crossing into 120+ MPH territory. In my opinion, you should be running belts and a bar at that point. (I'd argue that once you cross the 11.99 boundary, where it used to be, you should probably think real hard about it).

    Cars coming from the factory might be designed to have the power to run fast 1/4s, but they are not designed to survive a crash at 120. Think of the damage the sport would take if someone flipped their car in the traps, and died, and would not have with a simple bar and harness. The rules exist for the safety of the participants, not the convenience. Don't want to add a bar to your car? Simple, don't race at an NHRA track.

    I don't think a new S197 would fare much better than a fox body with a rollover at 120. Of course I'm not planning on finding out.

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    While I originally thought that we need adjust the rules for the faster factory cars for the good of the sport, I have rethought this and now agree with Fast351. At the last fun race of the year at Rock Falls (I wasn't there), a car and driver I know had a problem and totaled their 11 second car after the finish line. Fortunately the driver was strapped in and had full roll cage protection, and as I heard, only suffered a broken wrist. That car was dedicated for racing. While accidents are rare and they "never happen to us", the do occur.

    Knowing that Ford is looking at a 650 hp factory car, they are approaching, if not crossing the mandatory rollbar and 5 point harness rule for a hardtop. Maybe the smart thing to do is to have the manufacturers start building in rollbars and harnesses. After all, some of these see a lot more unsanctioned street racing then they will on the track. They were added by Shelby in the 60s, but you bought it that way. The only problem with the factory rollbar is that it would require extensive crash testing and thus would be very expensive.

    I guess racing is an expensive sport (as if I didn't know), and if you are going to do it, pay the dollars before you pay the price.

    [Speaking of expensive, anyone ever tell their life insurance agent they drag race? 90 seconds (9 passes) of fun on a weekend can cost you a pretty penny in premiums. At least I convinced them I wasn't John Force.]

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    Well said, I agree and think that factory cars that are on the track should conform to the NHRA safety standards. As in just about any sport, safety standards are generally devised from what is learned from examining accidents and injuries in the hopes that new standards will protect the participants, staff, and fans.
    I'd rather pay the dollars....before paying the price.

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    I agree if manufactures are going to keep building monster hp cars then they need to put some sort of roll bar in. It would take a lot of work for them to start doing this because it has never been that common in the past other than Shelby like you said. Forget about the American cars for a Second and look at Ferrari or Lamborghini or even Bugatti. Those guys dont put roll bars or harnesses in their cars and they are way faster than any American car from the factory. The Bugatti has 1001 hp from the factory and no bar or harness. yes they have some darn good safety systems in place but nothing that would pass an nhra inspection.
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